Remembering 9/11

11 Sep

I was in art class in 7th grade on 9/11. I had just finished a project of my dream room that looked like a red, white and blue version of Austin Powers’ Bachelor pad (can I get a YEAH BABY). The room had a wall full of platform shoes and curvy shaped flowers all over everything. Whenever a project was completed in art, I was bursting with excitement because that meant it would soon go up on display in the halls for everyone to see. As I put my tempera paint masterpiece on the drying rack, our principal, Dr. Root made an announcement that made no sense to me at the time.

Planes had crashed into the World Trade Center? Why is everyone going home? It’s in New York City, Cleveland is pretty far for that to be a threat-but why is that a threat? Art ended shortly after the announcement and the timing between classes gave all of us at Rocky River Middle School a chance to shuffle to our next class in a daze, processing what we had just been told.

As I got to math class, people were starting to worry-some had relatives who live in New York, others just realizing how many people were in danger. Frazzled moms and dads were coming to get my confused and scared classmates one by one-a math problem was partially complete as my teacher quit solving it to watch CNN. My class was dwindling as we watched the towers go from smoking and standing to a rocket of dust headed to the ground, far below. My dad has always been very (VERY) involved with politics and was also very serious about my education-So I was shocked when even he came to pick me up from school that day. Another plane crashes. Then another. I hear “terrorist attack” for the first time-and I don’t think twice about it being a major buzzword in the US news for the next 14+ years.

Screen Shot 2015-09-12 at 9.19.49 AM

A rainbow forms where the WTC used to be on 9/10/15

Days moved on and the full effect of 9/11 came to me in waves. Confusion over what was happening was followed by terror that it could happen again. I probably wasn’t alone with the realization that planes were no longer a safe mode of transportation, because you were still pretty helpless at 30,000 feet-but now it wasn’t safe for different reasons involving “bad people”. The most memorable emotion was the sadness I felt for all of the innocent people who lost their lives, which is still a prominent feeling that I hold today, 14 years later.

On 9/11 for the first time I felt what it was like to have true compassion for those whose lives changed so suddenly on an ordinary Tuesday. Today, I reflect on those same families, remembering the tragedy that shook us but also gave us the incredible reminder that we all have compassion in common.


Aussie Bucket List

9 Sep

Hey All!

I’m in the market for a regular coffee maker. Seriously the coffee here is UNREAL. I’m not sure if it’s the adorable little village that is right around the corner from me or what, but each and every coffee place has the BEST bakery and also coffee.

…However, my paychecks are dwindling quickly as a result of over indulgences of flat whites and lattes.

SO in an effort to fund my latte addiction, I’m starting up my own side business, running social media accounts or local businesses. I don’t think that people realize how much time it actually takes to have a successful, well-oiled social media machine. I’m putting it on here so that I actually put forth the effort go through with it. While organizing/brainstorming that, I also brainstormed some plans for my time here:


  • Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef: Theres a rumor going around that its here for a good time, but not a long time.
  • Watch/hear beautiful things at the Sydney Opera House: So far, I have imbibed in tasty beverages in a close radius of the Opera house-so looking to make some big advancements in that department.
  • Blaze the outback: I don’t fully understand what “blaze” means as a verb, so we’ll just see where that goes. In short, I’d like to check out the outback.
  • Melbourne:  (Fun fact: pronounced Mel-bin-I sounded super American by saying it the WAY THAT IT IS SPELLED) I’ve heard from someone who knows me relatively well that I would really love it there. Lots of good food options, and pretty chill so I’m sold.
  • Start my own business: So I’ve been talking up social media work for ages, I think now is a great time to start my own small-scale social media business. I have loads of free time and instead of watching hours of Netflix until my brain melts out of my ears I figured it would be a good idea to try it out-plus being my own boss is a really attractive idea. I’m intimidated but excited to learn about some local businesses, exercise and flex my skills. I’ll have more details when I make them. In the meantime, you can follow me on Twitter/IG: @kayleeblahblah 😉
  • Music Festivals: Because I like them and I also like to wear ridiculous clothes while listening to good tunes with good friends.
  • Make some Friends: Seriously. Yesterday. I don’t know why people don’t respond well to “I’ve been watching you from afar for the last 5 minutes, and you seem nice! Lets be friends”. Weird.
  • Visit The 12 Apostles National Park:
  • Hang out in New Zealand! Its a pretty quick plane ride and I’ve heard its also stunning.
  • Sip Wine in Margaret River/ Clare Valley: I’ve never been to a big time vineyard before, and wine is one of my general favorites.
  • Sailing: I was very fortunate to taste sailing life when I was growing up thanks to the Carter Family. I have so many fond memories of Lake Erie Laser sailing/general boating while growing up in Cleveland and would love to experience it in international waters! Definitely not opposed to tubing or learning to water ski as well.
  • Holding Various Animals: You name it, I want to hold or pet it. Koalas, kangaroos, small rodents, turtles, birds, dingos, wallabies, fish, snakes (may as well face my fears while I’m here, but I would really prefer holding cuter animals-if a snake is all thats around, I’ll take it*). *Unless it happens to be one of the 100 venomous ones. Then count me OUT.

I’m sure this list will grow by the day, but I’ll update as I do cool things. This weekend I’ll be reuniting with some Americans to watch NFL! Not as exciting as the BUCKEYES WINNING THE FIRST GAME OF THE SEASON (O-H!)…but I’ll take it!

Does anyone else out there have other ideas for can’t miss spots here? Post below and let me know!


(home)SICK BRO

2 Sep


So I’ve been in Australia for almost a month already, can you believe it?

Meeting people has been getting easier! The Au Pair network here is pretty extensive to network with, there’s also an Americans in Sydney Facebook group throwing a football party on 9/11 (I’M IN). I went to Bondi Beach this weekend to meet up with a fellow Au Pair who is also from the US and then I’ve been making slightly more risky moves like constantly listening for American accents and just going for it-FRIENDSHIP, THAT IS! I met an awesome lady who just moved here from New Jersey with her fiance, we are hanging out on Thursday-pretty excited for girl dates haha.

So I’d like to touch a little on Homesickness because it can affect anyone at any time and its important for your happiness to keep doing whatever makes you happy. So here’s what has been making me happy, even when I’m feeling sad 🙂

  1. Listen to Beyonce. Why? Because no matter what mood I’m in, this is what happens when Beyonce comes on:

giphy (3)

Basically, I show off my impressive dance moves that I picked up from my three years of living in ATL and also my 10 years of being friends with my friends (LUHV YEW GUYS ❤ <3). Runner-up for mood altering dance your face off music:

giphy (1)

T-Swift. Gracie and I have “Shake it off” car jamming down to an art. Go Girl.

2. Exercise. Running and then pushing myself to do random exercises like squats, high knees and push up* (*I would have pluralized it but I can only do one). Also, the music I listen to bumps up my mood-Generally something along the lines of raunchy rap music with hilariously dirty lyrics-Nicky Minaj is a fav. Missy Elliott also never fails.

3. Harass y’all on SnapChat. Did you happen to see the Justin Timberlake construction worker from next door with “Dream Weaver” perfectly playing as the background? How about the one of Grace telling me very dramatically she “shall never dance again”? We can’t forget all of the photos of food that I make and eat, of course-because out of all of that, I know you all want to see the food I eat the most. If not, you missed out. It’s mainly me trying to entertain myself by making hilariously clever jokes on Snapchat that sometimes even make it to Instagram. Very rarely, though because I feel like Snapchat is the “just practice” version of Instagram, which is why anyone is good at Instagram.

4. The Office. So if none of that does the trick, I retreat to watching my buddies Jim, Pam, Michael and Dwight cause mass hijinks in Scranton, PA. I have a VPN (I should explain to you what that is here, but I don’t know what it is. My host dad told me to get it. You seriously don’t even want to know how long it took me to figure out how to add GIFs to this. Dont expect alot out of me in the areas of sports and technology.) …Anyway the VPN (Vanguard Pterodactyl Number) magically saved me from losing all of my favorite Netflix American shows…Because if there’s one way to be blatantly American, its to whine about not being able to watch American shows.

5. Phone Calls, Texts and FACETIME! I had two of my favorite people call me up today and it was THE BEST; I felt so loved. One of the callers was a big factor in me choosing ‘Yonce as my cheer up music-because we have had many jam sessions in our cars singing our hearts out to 1+1, Love on Top and generally anything that makes you want to burst into song. That memory alone makes me genuinely happy, so seeing Kinder calling me on my phone made me the happiest person 🙂 The time change is pretty tricky, so he ended up calling me at 5:40 AM-but I really couldn’t think of a better way to wake up. Not too long after, my personal cheerleader, Lauda gave me a call to say hi and catch up between feeding her ridiculously adorable baby. She is one of the best listeners and I can really always count on her to judge me when I need to be judged and guide me in the right direction. Then I have a group text with my best friends which pretty much consists of constantly bouncing good vibes and encouragement off of each other-we could probably write a self-help book over some of our conversations.  Support systems in any way are absolutely key to helping with homesickness.

I’m still learning a lot about myself here, and I don’t expect to stop anytime soon. With homesickness, I have the hardest time with the fact that I’m pretty much the absolute furthest from home that I could possibly be, and to top it off, I’m constantly surrounded by the worlds most venomous animals and don’t get me started with the language barrier. But these few things and a good support system here and home transform the distance into a focus on opportunity and general excitement


Anyway, here are some pictures of Bondi Beach, which was absolute shit to look at…


Planes Trains and Automobiles and failing at all of them (at first).

27 Aug

Hey Guysss

Funny updates for you;

I ventured to Sydney! (Almost)

So here, there is a pretty awesome train system. Kind like MARTA, except I don’t have time to go over the many differences between the two. They are both similar because they are both trains. The main difference that immediately effected me will be outlined in the story below:

Its Friday night, I am ready for a night out. Curled my hair, put my dancing pants on and also put lip stain on my lips– which I don’t like to do too often because it just dries them out, so when I’m wearing lip stain, that means I’ve committed. To party. Heres a picture of me mid sentence with an emoji to capture my true beauty:


Anyway, I am ready to GO OUT. I get dropped off at the train station and am a little nervous to train it for the first time.

The train comes, I walk right up to the door, waiting for it to open. There are at least seven people on the train looking at me. I’m thinking “Yeah. I look good.” Then the conductor of the train had peeked his head around his train office and is staring at me. “Yeah I know dude, this is getting inappropriate though. I just want to get on the train and get my tourist on.”

Then the train left. Without me.

APPARENTLY you have to open the doors yourself. I have gotten too caught up in technology like SnapChat, text messaging and the ShamWow to revert back to the primitive task of OPENING A DOOR MYSELF. So I went home, wiped my makeup off and drank lots and lots of wine. CLASSIC.

The following day I went to Newcastle to see a good dude I know, and I got on the train all by myself, even managing to switch trains and get to my destination safely.

On the way though, I was lucky enough to sit next to a spectacle and a half. Let me paint this picture:

He had a thick Australian and drunk accent, smelled exactly like brown cigs, drug store vodka and sweat.

His footwear of choice: rubber flip flops with socks. Not to judge, I once was wearing socks and had to get something outside-I slipped my shoes on and was shocked at how naturally the thought: “actually, this is pretty comfortable” came to me.  So I can’t even judge. He’s just more fashionably ballsy than I am. A real McQueen there.

His fingers were so rough and each of his nails were of different size and texture with probably years of grime under them. It really seemed like he made a choice not to look at his hands in 2001 and hasn’t looked down since. Maybe he had a traumatic hand modeling accident?

I’ve become accustomed to “G’day” as the standard greeting, so when his Nokia started ringing, ad he answered, I was expecting that; Instead:


Obviously, I have missed the mark in my greetings my entire life, thats something I’ll be working on for my next blog greeting.


BLAHBLAH Down Undah!

19 Aug

Hi loves!

Did you miss me?!

I’ve moved to Australia for the year! In an effort to get way outside of my comfort zone, I’ve decided to get way outside of the States 🙂

Its funny how the first time I spoke to a stranger here how shy I was because I’ve never felt like I have an accent until I got here.

I’ve been here for about two weeks now!

SO. Big changes I’ve experienced here so far:

  1. The ATL Summer to AUS Winter: The change is not as dramatic as you’d think, its actually feeling a lot like fall here, with temps in the low 60’s to mid 70’s. Which as my ATL friends know is a great change from the 100% humidity and 100 degree weather-ugh.
  2. Driving is not so hard. I was so intimidated by driving when I first got here mainly because of the sides being completely swapped on the road and in the car itself. But, I chose to take a job in a foreign country which involves driving kids around, so I had to learn pretty quickly how to drive-all over again.
  3. I am trying to make friends! Literally about to friendship-hit on a girl who is serving me coffee right now. Worst that can happen: she says no, thats a weird thing to do and she has too many friends already, no room for more, she also hates my American outfit, theres something in my teeth and the funny way I speak is barely understandable. THATS IT.
  4. THERE ARE SO MANY BIRDS. For those of you who follow me on SnapChat (If not, you should. @Kayleeblahblah) you’ll see that I’m that fool in random places like grocery store parking lots filming random bird on my phone. I’m pretty sure that to Australians watching me, I’m the equivalent of the bird lady in Home Alone 2 hanging out in the parking lot of a Wal-Mart filming the seagulls. But guys, there are freaking COCKATOOS. Everywhere. Just hanging out. It’s wild.
  5. My host family are already my family here <3. Seriously, guys I got really lucky. Jodie, my host “mum” is so genuinely nice, and we both have the same sense of humor, so that’s always a plus with me 🙂 Jhai, the dad is also pretty cool,his interactions with Gracie are the best to watch.
  6. The kiddos are pretty awesome, too. We have Gracie, who loves anything with princesses and general girly-ness. She’s an old soul, as she calls me “my Dear” and “sweetheart” from time to time. After I spoke to my mom on the phone, I became a little emotional, and she was quick to cheer me up, letting me know that my “mummy will be back later” while giving me a big hug and stroking my hair-I melted inside from cuteness overload, so much that I forgot why I was sad. Funny how our roles changed a little that day 🙂
  7. Daniel and Wiliam are the older boys. Daniel is a bright and funny 14 year old and William is a sweet, soft spoken foreign exchange student from China. I write daily notes in their lunches in an effort to show off my skills in looking up fun facts of the day.

Thats all I have for now!! I’ll try to write weekly updates for you all ❤ ❤ xoxoxo

US Scareways

12 Jun


The airport in Baltimore is moderately standard. It boasts many of the same attractions that other airports across the US offer. Such as:

  • Gourmet-priced food with a fast food quality.
  • Stoic security guards awaiting their opportunity to shine in case they witness a random package exchange between frequent flyers (which generally consists of them sitting around various parts of the airport on their Smartphone).
  • Luggage carousels.

However, I read somewhere (a Paranormal Activity 2 DVD case) that darkness looms everywhere…

The most intimidating and terrifying part of the Baltimore/Washington airport is the 5-foot 5-inch gate 24D keeper, known by many as Michelle H

My day started off normally. I woke up from my friends’ couch. It was pouring rain. I checked in online for my flight. With my luggage in tow, I was breezing through security with my new friend, Jordan. It seemed as though things were going to work out. We were playfully bantering, checking our phones, people watching, and sharing a McDonalds Happy Meal (we each got our own). 

Just as we were saying our goodbyes, I was getting in line for my appropriate gate…24D. The short-statured woman was doing her thing, scanning everyone’s tickets and telling them to have a good flight…Until it was my turn to board the plane…

Michelle H. took one look at my rolling suitcase, and I swear to God that her pupils went from normal to volcanoes erupting with demons and evil. A vein on her head started pulsating, and her fists snarled into a clench that could strangle a fucking gorilla. I tried my hardest to act natural… Which still resulted in my heart racing out of my chest, my armpits pouring perspiration right through my shirt- a treat for the lucky one to sit by me. I had no idea what I was in for until she took one large breath to spray these words:


I was confused and relieved that this is what her anger was about. I calmly respond:

“Oh, okay. So, it’s too big? I can check it, not a problem.”

For some reason, Michelle H. was still livid. 


She was shaking her head. I was mortified, especially in front of my fellow Zone 3’ers. I looked like the group member in college who was supposed to make the PowerPoint, but partied the night before instead. I approached the second recommended counter, to check my bag. The other airline associate (the less memorable one) said:

“Uh-uh, you check it at the gate. Not here.” 

I was confused. I wasn’t sure that it was possible to be sent on a wild goose chase within 20 feet of the airline gate. I wheeled my way back over to the gate, as Zone 4 was boarding. I felt everyone staring at me, wondering what Michelle H. would need to say next…

She saw me coming. I felt like Regina George in Mean Girls when she was being denied by Gretchen Wieners…


My thoughts were interrupted. Michelle H. was furiously shaking her head at me; her tone was full of frustration and angst for my oversized bag. Her hair was starting to get out of place from her head shaking so much.

“I tried to check it over there, but the woman at that counter sent me over here…”

Michelle H: (Still shaking her head, pursing her lips) “Your bag will not fit on the plane, YOU HAVE TO CHECK IT.” 

Her tone then changed to syrupy sweet as she announced:

“Ladies and gentlemen, the overhead cabin space on flight 1440 en route to Charlotte is now full, and any remaining carry-on luggage must be checked.”

Kaylee: “I understand, ma’am…But now everyone has to check their bags, so I’m back here to-“


In the meantime, all of zone 4 is at a stop, staring. The man at the front of the line offers to let me go in front of him. 


Man: “Why? There’s no difference…” 

Michelle H.: *Points at me* “With her? Yes there is, sir.”

I look at the man like a toddler getting punished by a stranger. So I wait. Every single passenger is staring at me with looks full of pity. Their potential thoughts raced though my head:

“She should’ve just checked her bag…She’ll never get married.”

“Good God, that bag is rather large. Her career is over.”

“That is the ugliest bag I have seen in a while, you know what they say; Ugly bag, ugly soul.”

Finally, the last person boarded. I have to face Michelle H. with my “ridiculously large suitcase”. “Ego” by Beyonce is playing in my head, except its being sung by Sarah McLaughlin, crying. She prints off my bag destination indicator, and I board the plane, walking sadly, while “Charlie Brown: Christmas Time is Here” is playing softly in my head. 

THIS REALLY HAPPENED. I have never in my life been so humiliated. I was the absolute last person to board the plane; I was approached by five people, asking me how I convinced Michelle H. to let me on the plane. I sat my perspired self into my seat and relaxed. 

It turns out that there were literally tornados touching down in Charlotte, so I had to reschedule my flight for the next day.

…The following day, I spent the entire time at gate 26D, avoiding eye contact and conversation with Michelle H. … My ticket checker. 


Dicking Around.

18 Jan

I’m coming out as a user today. I go through phases of not using it for months, then I’ll be obsessed with it for about a week, then the dry spell persists.

Well, audience, I have hit the mother of all southern gentlemorons today. I do not believe that all men from the south are absolute fools, but some are not giving the South a very good name.

Take Dick, for example. His name has been changed for privacy purposes…Although his real name coincidently rhymes with the given pseudonym.

Long story short, I decided to write Dick an inbox message as he was attractive (despite his mirror selfies) and likes concerts. Seeing that my New Years resolution was to see more concerts this year (and lose 3 pounds), I thought he might be at the very least, a fun person to see concerts with. So I write a pretty innocent inbox message.

A few days later, I get this as a response:


Not a single word was capitalized, including his own name, in case you were all wondering. Which makes me think: Dick, did you even go to school? Because I went to THE Ohio State University, where you would probably not be accepted, as I can’t even give you credit for knowing to capitalize our own name. But this isn’t going to be about grammar and mechanics.

Dick, I highly doubt that you hate OSU because of our intimidating size, notable history or beyond stellar academics. This is all about football. See, Dick, people who don’t understand what it’s like to be proud of their alma mater are the ones who only think of football when they think of their school. Don’t get me wrong, I would be lying if I said that gamedays don’t come to mind when I think of OSU; but my memories, friends and the degree that I earned from my school surpass ANY football rivalry. I feel sorry for you, Dick, I really do. I’m sorry that you do not know what it’s like to walk to class with 60 thousand students who all have hearts that beat for your school. I’m sorry that you don’t know what its like to sit in a stadium every saturday in the fall with 200 thousand fans, all wearing your school colors and chanting cheers that are timeless for your school. I’m sorry that you don’t know what tradition means because in your mind, college is only about football. I’m also sorry that, despite your hatred for Ohio State, you would most likely be one of the few who can’t handle it. I’m sorry that you do not know what its’s like to have school pride.

See, Dick, what many don’t understand about school pride is that it doesn’t stop at respect for your own school; It’s about respecting other schools because they live for it as much as you do (I suppose that’s also called good sportsmanship- Google it, Dick). I respect and understand why M*ch*gan fans love their school, because I love my school just as much. The rivalry part simply makes the anticipation higher for the best football game of the year.

So, I suppose that we don’t have anything in common anyway, Dick. I notice your “Ideal Match” section states that you would love to find a girl who enjoys surfing. I grew up in Ohio, so I suppose I’m shit out of luck with you. Also, in case you didnt realize, the city of Atlanta is landlocked. Although, I will give you the fact that you mentioned that you travel a lot for “work”… With that, I think its probably safe to assume that you’re a drifter.



29 Nov

I apologize for not keeping up with my work here! Just so you all know I’m currently working on a piece about Courtney Stodden/OSU’s new football coach/Losing to UofM/The rain in Ohio/CHRISTMAS.


I plan on publishing a bunch more, since my lack of posting for the past…eek… month!!


So, stay tuned, blahggers.

Love always,


The Woes and WHOOPEE’S of OSU Financial Aid

29 Nov

So, I was lazily checking my e-mail last night, and came across an e-mail sent from angels, the title read:

“Refund Disbursement”

It was a moment when you’re too excited to be on the computer; I was sweating (actually, that was from just getting off from work…I also smelled like onions, but that wasn’t because I received a “Refund Disbursement” E-mail). I fumbled the computer keys like I did in typing speed tests in elementary school (Which is just how I type in general…See the video below; from time to time I can fake the Russian accent, too).

My Student Center (where Buckeyes register for classes, view account info, etc)  depicted that I did, indeed receive a hefty refund. When you have 13 dollars to your name, this means a lot of different things:

1) Stocking up on whatever items you need in your closet. From a new winter coat to…six new outfits…

2) Ramen, Schmamen, I’m eating steaks everyday.

3) “Treating yourself”…Everyday. Five dollars for a mediocre cup of coffee? 6 days a week? Pocket change.

4) Going from 500 to 150 in a matter of days…followed by hybrid feelings of neusea and pride that one can blow through money at such an alarming rate. (Thank God I’m not in charge of solving the US government’s spending deficit problem).

But Financial Aid at OSU always finds a way to rain on your parade. For example:

1) Giving you a fake refund: (Autumn 2009)

When I first transferred here from Bobcatland, OU, I blew through my financial aid money at an alarming speed (4 weeks…$1,500 later, my accountant, Chase Mobile was texting me everyday about how I have 20 dollars left in my name.

…Until The texts stopped happening? Expecting to see that my bank account had given up on me, I looked at my account, and lo and behold I had Five Hundred and twenty dollars? Of course, I went shopping, and by the end of the day, I was probably back to or nearing square one. Fast-forward to the time when I have to schedule Winter quarter classes…there is a hold on my account? Peculiar… I look over my financial Aid…and strange; Somehow I owe about 500 dollars for Autumn Quarter…I called financial aid and asked if that five hundo I had received and spent* (*like it was Monopoly money and I cashed it in for those two dark blue properties that have fancy names, are the most expensive, and are landed on the least, out of any properties on Monopoly…) BUT YES. It was the same five hundo that I now owed to The Ohio State University, Office of Financial Woes. My heart sunk to my stomach as I read the “reasoning” why I owed the money that was REFUNDED to me, which wasn’t even a reasoning at all, but an excuse for the faulty system that is OSU Financial Aid. I swiftly dialed Father to transfer some funds…I was yelled at.

With a student population at 60 THOUSAND, one would think that perhaps financial aid could get it together to avoid such glitches like this….So when I received the notification that I would have a few more dollars in my bank account, I called Financial Aid to make sure that someone was doing their job…

For once, they were.



bum bum bee dum bum bum bee dum dum CONTAGIONNN

20 Sep

SO a few things to catch everyone up on my life:

1) I have moved for the final time at The Ohio State University. While I hate moving, it’s bittersweet to know that this house will be the last one I live in as a student…After this year, I will be the first college alumni in my immediate family, annnd a real big girl*. (Insert Joey Lawrence “WHOA” wherever you see fit).

(*Hopefully this will just mean an adult, and not that I will gain 350 lbs from binge drinking natty light followed by consuming sandwiches that have both french fries and chicken fingers in them…My biggest hurdle will be football season, not due to day drinking for games, but due to stress eating from the embarrassing games that my cherished Buckeyes have been “playing”.)

Sober: disgusting. Drunk: 8-course meal in a hoagie. What a deal…

2) I got an internship for this fall! WOO00OO00OO00O! It’s with a pretty genius marketing company called Brand Ambassadors. It’s based out of Arizona, and basically what I’m going to be doing is word of mouth marketing…IE Spending hours on Facebook and Twitter spouting praises about local (well, not even local…anywhere, really) companies who rock, and deserve more recognition from real people (Gen X’s and Y’s). SO: If anyone thinks there is a particularly sweet product I should try, and rave about, comment on here and I’ll give it a whirl!

********ALSO!!! If any OSU student reading this right now is a marketing/comm/social network major/extraordinaire and would be interested in doing this internship with me, Facebook message me and I’ll have my people talk to your people, capiche?

3) With the recent and drastic change in weather, I have developed Bronchitis. I’ve been taking Zicam fast melts, 2,000 mg’s of vitamin C, as well as drinking gallons of water… I really need to stop being so intrigued by medicine that comes in anything other than pills and syrups. As I was strolling down the cough and cold section at Target (while itching my neck like a meth addict needing something to get rid of this whooping-cough), I came across Zicam Fast Melts. Immediately put off, I assumed they were for children, since most can’t swallow pills. As I looked closer, I noticed that this particular medicine was, in fact for adults! Eureka! I grabbed the box, wiped the drool from my mouth, and checked out. I couldn’t get to my car fast enough, and ripped the orange caution cone-colored box open before I could even get into my car. The 16-year old cart shepherd moved his flock inside as the hacking drug fiend (me) placed a Zicam Rapidmelt onto my salivating tongue. I wasn’t sure if I was expecting an Acid-like euphoric trip from this; but what I got was three minutes of me wincing and gagging at the flavor of this disgusting tablet that was apparently a “RapidMelt”. The side of the box promised me this:

  • Great tasting Orange Cream flavor.
  • Quickly dissolves in the mouth without water.
  • Non- drowsy.
  • Non-Habit forming.
Yet, in my opinion, if Zicam really wanted to be real about their product, it would say this:
  • Orange Cream Flavor…For about 4 seconds, then it transitions to a lovely chalk flavor with notes of hairspray.
  • In reality, this dissolves rather quickly, however the taste and texture of this make you want to throw in the towel early and do shots of Robutussin with a chaser of Kamchatka.
  • If your definition of Non-Drowsy is: Not peacefully sleeping at all, and suffering through the night coughing to a point of dry heaving, then yes, Zicam Rapidmelts are, in fact, Non-Drowsy.
  • In relation to the above definition of “Non-Drowsy”, these suckers are non-habit forming, because no one in their right mind could actually crave these devil pills, as they’re so horribly disgusting.

Don't do it.

Overall, I had a moment and forgot that I am 23, and have been able to simply swallow pills that aid in curing bronchitis for quite some time now. I made a mental note of this to avoid this issue in the future.

Creepy as haaaill

The premise is a killer pandemic/biological warfare, and the movie, in my opinion did an awesome job at depicting exactly what such a blow could do to the world’s population/how crazy people would get/ how realistic such events are…(yikes). As I sat at the edge of my seat (partially because I had to pee from all of the liquids I have been consuming in an effort to self cure my bronchitis), I took great pleasure in not holding back from letting the occasional cough slip by in moments of silence during the movie. I could feel the fidgeting and nervous glances move toward my direction every time I coughed. I was on a slight power trip as a fake patient zero…Until I took a much-needed bathroom break in the middle of the movie. As I chuckled on my way out of the bathroom to wash my hands, I went to lather up. No soap. I went to another sink. Same thing. Out of 6 sinks, only one had remnants of hand soap in it. By this time, my brow was sweating from paranoia, that perhaps somehow Gateway Theater was actually a gateway for a new pandemic, starting right here at The Ohio State University. I covered my soaking wet hand with my sweater to push the knob to get a paper towel for my freshly rinsed hands…The faucet was a censor faucet, which would be fine, if the water wasnt freezing cold…How are life-threatening viruses supposed to die if the water is as cold as ice? As I sauntered back into the theater, defeated and paranoid, all I could think was “Well played, Gateway theater…Well played.”
I think you should all be pretty well caught up after this! SO, here are my life lessons and notes that you should all take from here:
1) If a medicine is described as a rapid melt, and you can swallow a pill faster…Go for the pills.
2) Having Bronchitis is all fun and games during a pandemic movie…Until you can’t properly sanitize your hands.
3) I would greatly appreciate any products that I could review for my internship 😀
Love, peace, and flu vaccines,