The Woes and WHOOPEE’S of OSU Financial Aid

29 Nov

So, I was lazily checking my e-mail last night, and came across an e-mail sent from angels, the title read:

“Refund Disbursement”

It was a moment when you’re too excited to be on the computer; I was sweating (actually, that was from just getting off from work…I also smelled like onions, but that wasn’t because I received a “Refund Disbursement” E-mail). I fumbled the computer keys like I did in typing speed tests in elementary school (Which is just how I type in general…See the video below; from time to time I can fake the Russian accent, too).

My Student Center (where Buckeyes register for classes, view account info, etc)  depicted that I did, indeed receive a hefty refund. When you have 13 dollars to your name, this means a lot of different things:

1) Stocking up on whatever items you need in your closet. From a new winter coat to…six new outfits…

2) Ramen, Schmamen, I’m eating steaks everyday.

3) “Treating yourself”…Everyday. Five dollars for a mediocre cup of coffee? 6 days a week? Pocket change.

4) Going from 500 to 150 in a matter of days…followed by hybrid feelings of neusea and pride that one can blow through money at such an alarming rate. (Thank God I’m not in charge of solving the US government’s spending deficit problem).

But Financial Aid at OSU always finds a way to rain on your parade. For example:

1) Giving you a fake refund: (Autumn 2009)

When I first transferred here from Bobcatland, OU, I blew through my financial aid money at an alarming speed (4 weeks…$1,500 later, my accountant, Chase Mobile was texting me everyday about how I have 20 dollars left in my name.

…Until The texts stopped happening? Expecting to see that my bank account had given up on me, I looked at my account, and lo and behold I had Five Hundred and twenty dollars? Of course, I went shopping, and by the end of the day, I was probably back to or nearing square one. Fast-forward to the time when I have to schedule Winter quarter classes…there is a hold on my account? Peculiar… I look over my financial Aid…and strange; Somehow I owe about 500 dollars for Autumn Quarter…I called financial aid and asked if that five hundo I had received and spent* (*like it was Monopoly money and I cashed it in for those two dark blue properties that have fancy names, are the most expensive, and are landed on the least, out of any properties on Monopoly…) BUT YES. It was the same five hundo that I now owed to The Ohio State University, Office of Financial Woes. My heart sunk to my stomach as I read the “reasoning” why I owed the money that was REFUNDED to me, which wasn’t even a reasoning at all, but an excuse for the faulty system that is OSU Financial Aid. I swiftly dialed Father to transfer some funds…I was yelled at.

With a student population at 60 THOUSAND, one would think that perhaps financial aid could get it together to avoid such glitches like this….So when I received the notification that I would have a few more dollars in my bank account, I called Financial Aid to make sure that someone was doing their job…

For once, they were.




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