Aussie Bucket List

9 Sep

Hey All!

I’m in the market for a regular coffee maker. Seriously the coffee here is UNREAL. I’m not sure if it’s the adorable little village that is right around the corner from me or what, but each and every coffee place has the BEST bakery and also coffee.

…However, my paychecks are dwindling quickly as a result of over indulgences of flat whites and lattes.

SO in an effort to fund my latte addiction, I’m starting up my own side business, running social media accounts or local businesses. I don’t think that people realize how much time it actually takes to have a successful, well-oiled social media machine. I’m putting it on here so that I actually put forth the effort go through with it. While organizing/brainstorming that, I also brainstormed some plans for my time here:


  • Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef: Theres a rumor going around that its here for a good time, but not a long time.
  • Watch/hear beautiful things at the Sydney Opera House: So far, I have imbibed in tasty beverages in a close radius of the Opera house-so looking to make some big advancements in that department.
  • Blaze the outback: I don’t fully understand what “blaze” means as a verb, so we’ll just see where that goes. In short, I’d like to check out the outback.
  • Melbourne:  (Fun fact: pronounced Mel-bin-I sounded super American by saying it the WAY THAT IT IS SPELLED) I’ve heard from someone who knows me relatively well that I would really love it there. Lots of good food options, and pretty chill so I’m sold.
  • Start my own business: So I’ve been talking up social media work for ages, I think now is a great time to start my own small-scale social media business. I have loads of free time and instead of watching hours of Netflix until my brain melts out of my ears I figured it would be a good idea to try it out-plus being my own boss is a really attractive idea. I’m intimidated but excited to learn about some local businesses, exercise and flex my skills. I’ll have more details when I make them. In the meantime, you can follow me on Twitter/IG: @kayleeblahblah 😉
  • Music Festivals: Because I like them and I also like to wear ridiculous clothes while listening to good tunes with good friends.
  • Make some Friends: Seriously. Yesterday. I don’t know why people don’t respond well to “I’ve been watching you from afar for the last 5 minutes, and you seem nice! Lets be friends”. Weird.
  • Visit The 12 Apostles National Park:
  • Hang out in New Zealand! Its a pretty quick plane ride and I’ve heard its also stunning.
  • Sip Wine in Margaret River/ Clare Valley: I’ve never been to a big time vineyard before, and wine is one of my general favorites.
  • Sailing: I was very fortunate to taste sailing life when I was growing up thanks to the Carter Family. I have so many fond memories of Lake Erie Laser sailing/general boating while growing up in Cleveland and would love to experience it in international waters! Definitely not opposed to tubing or learning to water ski as well.
  • Holding Various Animals: You name it, I want to hold or pet it. Koalas, kangaroos, small rodents, turtles, birds, dingos, wallabies, fish, snakes (may as well face my fears while I’m here, but I would really prefer holding cuter animals-if a snake is all thats around, I’ll take it*). *Unless it happens to be one of the 100 venomous ones. Then count me OUT.

I’m sure this list will grow by the day, but I’ll update as I do cool things. This weekend I’ll be reuniting with some Americans to watch NFL! Not as exciting as the BUCKEYES WINNING THE FIRST GAME OF THE SEASON (O-H!)…but I’ll take it!

Does anyone else out there have other ideas for can’t miss spots here? Post below and let me know!



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