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2 Sep


So I’ve been in Australia for almost a month already, can you believe it?

Meeting people has been getting easier! The Au Pair network here is pretty extensive to network with, there’s also an Americans in Sydney Facebook group throwing a football party on 9/11 (I’M IN). I went to Bondi Beach this weekend to meet up with a fellow Au Pair who is also from the US and then I’ve been making slightly more risky moves like constantly listening for American accents and just going for it-FRIENDSHIP, THAT IS! I met an awesome lady who just moved here from New Jersey with her fiance, we are hanging out on Thursday-pretty excited for girl dates haha.

So I’d like to touch a little on Homesickness because it can affect anyone at any time and its important for your happiness to keep doing whatever makes you happy. So here’s what has been making me happy, even when I’m feeling sad 🙂

  1. Listen to Beyonce. Why? Because no matter what mood I’m in, this is what happens when Beyonce comes on:

giphy (3)

Basically, I show off my impressive dance moves that I picked up from my three years of living in ATL and also my 10 years of being friends with my friends (LUHV YEW GUYS ❤ <3). Runner-up for mood altering dance your face off music:

giphy (1)

T-Swift. Gracie and I have “Shake it off” car jamming down to an art. Go Girl.

2. Exercise. Running and then pushing myself to do random exercises like squats, high knees and push up* (*I would have pluralized it but I can only do one). Also, the music I listen to bumps up my mood-Generally something along the lines of raunchy rap music with hilariously dirty lyrics-Nicky Minaj is a fav. Missy Elliott also never fails.

3. Harass y’all on SnapChat. Did you happen to see the Justin Timberlake construction worker from next door with “Dream Weaver” perfectly playing as the background? How about the one of Grace telling me very dramatically she “shall never dance again”? We can’t forget all of the photos of food that I make and eat, of course-because out of all of that, I know you all want to see the food I eat the most. If not, you missed out. It’s mainly me trying to entertain myself by making hilariously clever jokes on Snapchat that sometimes even make it to Instagram. Very rarely, though because I feel like Snapchat is the “just practice” version of Instagram, which is why anyone is good at Instagram.

4. The Office. So if none of that does the trick, I retreat to watching my buddies Jim, Pam, Michael and Dwight cause mass hijinks in Scranton, PA. I have a VPN (I should explain to you what that is here, but I don’t know what it is. My host dad told me to get it. You seriously don’t even want to know how long it took me to figure out how to add GIFs to this. Dont expect alot out of me in the areas of sports and technology.) …Anyway the VPN (Vanguard Pterodactyl Number) magically saved me from losing all of my favorite Netflix American shows…Because if there’s one way to be blatantly American, its to whine about not being able to watch American shows.

5. Phone Calls, Texts and FACETIME! I had two of my favorite people call me up today and it was THE BEST; I felt so loved. One of the callers was a big factor in me choosing ‘Yonce as my cheer up music-because we have had many jam sessions in our cars singing our hearts out to 1+1, Love on Top and generally anything that makes you want to burst into song. That memory alone makes me genuinely happy, so seeing Kinder calling me on my phone made me the happiest person 🙂 The time change is pretty tricky, so he ended up calling me at 5:40 AM-but I really couldn’t think of a better way to wake up. Not too long after, my personal cheerleader, Lauda gave me a call to say hi and catch up between feeding her ridiculously adorable baby. She is one of the best listeners and I can really always count on her to judge me when I need to be judged and guide me in the right direction. Then I have a group text with my best friends which pretty much consists of constantly bouncing good vibes and encouragement off of each other-we could probably write a self-help book over some of our conversations.  Support systems in any way are absolutely key to helping with homesickness.

I’m still learning a lot about myself here, and I don’t expect to stop anytime soon. With homesickness, I have the hardest time with the fact that I’m pretty much the absolute furthest from home that I could possibly be, and to top it off, I’m constantly surrounded by the worlds most venomous animals and don’t get me started with the language barrier. But these few things and a good support system here and home transform the distance into a focus on opportunity and general excitement


Anyway, here are some pictures of Bondi Beach, which was absolute shit to look at…



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