The VMA’s…

1 Sep

Well, Kitties…it’s that time of the year again! MTV’s Video Musica Awards! Ahhh yess, the time of the year when you watch two and a half hours of sub-par programming by choice, then immediately following, you realize:

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I’m not sure what gets everyone so hyped about the show every year. I was more than happy to see beaming pregnant Beyonce, and Adele can officially sing me into fits of hysterical tears. I can’t stand the cast of Jersey Shore almost more than the fact that I can’t stand that they have more money than I’ll ever have in my lowly bank account.

I also really think that Lady Gaga needs to try to stop outdoing herself (and with the introduction of Jo Calderone, she also needs to stop trying to do herself in general…). Every year, her shock factor goes up, and do you all know what I do? Roll my eyes. In my opinion, with her trying to be original and fresh (ahem, by essentially copying Madonna, Boy George, David Bowie, etc, etc, etc…) she ruins it! Think about it. When someone says “Gaga was crazy at the VMA’s last night” your first thought is “I can make a redundant statement too…”. Honestly, if she would show up to an event of some sort not wearing makeup, raw meat, a large egg, etc, etc, thats when people will be shocked…Although people would probably still say “Lady Gaga was crazy at the VMA’s last night! …She was wearing a baby pink polo and Sperrys!”.




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