24 Aug

Yesterday, as all of you should know, an earthquake hit in Virginia! and it was felt all the way up in Cleveland!

Here’s my favorite idiot tweet from yesterday, from our favorite gonorrhea representative, Snooki:

Sn00ki : 2012 is near, I knew it! I hope everyones okay!!!
…Uhh. I guess you would be correct. Seeing that 2012 will, in fact follow 2011 in a few short months…I’m assuming her phone was mafunctioning so she couldn’t spell check “Apocolypse”, or “End of the World”. What the hell, you can’t misspell numbers!
I knew it! 2013 will be after 2012!
anyway, there was an earthquake, I didnt feel it, I’m slightly bitter, but I’m over it, next topic:
Keeping the Homeless Homeless.
On campus, (in C-bus) there are quite a few homeless folks. So, in an effort to put some money into their pockets, they give them jobs selling a monthly newspaper highlighting the issue of homelessness in Columbus. One fervent worker stands outside of Starbucks (where I come to write for you awesome people) and is honestly the nicest, and most annoying human ever. He is nice because he seems to genuinely love what he does and is annoying because if you were to walk in, get a coffee and walk out, he will have no recollection of you, and therefore, you will have to bite your fist and say “no, I dont have a dollar” not once, but twice withint 5 minutes…Does anyone else see it as ironic that this organization is not actually helping the homeless by giving them jobs that they can actually apply to the real world, but they’re keeping them in their lower rank in society by assigning them to PAN HANDLE their way into getting people to buy a newpaper?! Awkward…How are they building a resume by saying they worked for this Columbus homeless orgainization, begging for people to puchase newpapers for one dollar…I suppose a job is a job…But seriously…
Also, for those of you who follow me on Twitter  (if you dont, you should…@kayleeblahblah) I’ve been tweeting about these teen moms hanging out here…holding the baby…Not supporting his neck…and texting…
I love babies. I do. I get so excited when at work, and a table is sat in my section with a baby/toddler, whatever the age,  I LOVE THEM ALL.  So it really hurts me that these dumb teens are more interested in texting someone who’s probably not even going to be their friend in a few years while their infant’s head is about to roll off into their Venti Vanilla Bean Frappucino, paid for by welfare. I have half a mind to tell them “You’re Welcome” as I walk out…
I, like so many others, think that the show Teen Mom was a huge mistake on MTV’s part. It just goes to show its viewers that if you’re a moron, you can still make it big by being essentially talentless and getting pregnant. What it fails to depict is the fact that the baby is absolutely fucked from conception. It breaks my heart because there are so many people who would be more than willing to take that perfect baby and give it what it deserves, which is a life that involves being able to afford taking ballet, piano and karate lessons, not rationing food stamps, and full of love from two parents (regarless of their sex) who are more than willing to raise an upstanding member of society and to be proud of them regarless of their genetics.
Having a child isn’t supposed to be about disproving all of the people who don’t think you can raise a child…Proving people wrong is only acceptable when they don’t believe you can learn to play the piano, chug a Four Loco, or in physical contests, like hotdog and/or pie eating contests along with cat like agility contests…Not whether you are capable of raising a human being…If you arent capable of assessing the risk involved in RAISING  A CHILD, maybe you should consider adoption? Or sterilization?
Finally, I’m not some insane church person who pickets clad in anti abortion signs…I just am against it because I have such a love for babies, and in my opinion, the act is disturbing. I understand and respect the “my body, my choice” arguement and those who feel this way; but I prefer adoption as the option over abortion!
Sorry this was kindof rant-y, but I think I was feelin it today. I’ll be silly next time, I promise 🙂

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