yet another A&F article…

17 Aug

Of course, I’m taking this information with the largest grain of salt in the mill/mine/salt shaker, what have you…

OH, OOOKAY. Here is my take on this situation:

Doesn’t A&F know that wearing anything associated with that vulgar brand after the age of 15 is considered tool-y and uncool? As soon as I grew out of size Small at A&F I moved on, for fear of the development of a body image issue. In my opinion, Abercrombie is facing an even bigger problem once all tools past the age of 15 realize that someone is actually getting paid to finally grow out of Abercrombie. Then what’s going to happen? As you may have read in my previous blog entry, Mike Jeffries had to take a significant pay cut just to break even this past fiscal year…Now he’s going to have to take a pay cut to fund the new bullshit salary for the cast of The Jersey Shore  on behalf of the brand being “misrepresented”…Maybe you should’ve thought of that before you printed pedofile-esque slogans on your graphic tees…or maybe stop making mini skirts that only cover 1/2 of the ass cheeks for the kids store…Here’s a thought: Classy people buy classy things…Maybe have your ad’s become more classy, you know depicting models wearing clothes instead of nipple erections?  To be honest, if the brand wanted to stray away from the Jersey Shore cast, maybe it should reconsider making neon colored men’s sweatpants…Everyone knows that they match perfectly with lame touristy sweatshirts…

“I just Blue myself” -Tobias, Arrested Development

Overall, you do what you need to do to maintain that outstanding image**, Abercrombie. If that means being completely hypocritical and printing t-shirts that say “The Fitchuation” on them, so be it…

…Does anyone else smell a lawsuit?…

**Which includes: premarital heavy petting, breeding sluts, future frat boys/roofie users of America. USA.


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